5 Muscle Building Tips For BEGINNERS.| Beginner Mass Building Workout.|

 5 Muscle Building Tips For BEGINNERS

Not every legend is a myth. Some are flesh and blood. Some legends walk among us. But they aren't born, they are built. Legends are made from iron and sweat, mind and muscle, blood and vision and victory. Legends and champions, they grow, they win, they conquer. There's a legend behind every legacy. There's a blueprint behind every legend. 

Now there are few things i must say before i begin listen up, sit down, stand back up, sit back down, there's a few things you need to understand in the first place this is customized for me for my goals my physique, what i need to do, don't copy this exactly, you can learn certainly a lot of things in terms of how i program or how i think the methodology when it comes to hypertrophy take a lot of things away but doing the exact same routine won't be optimal for you i''ll talk about building your own program in the future in this blog i want to explain my program and why it's built this way. Alright now that we got that out of the way i should explain some of the goals, i have pretty much 5 to 6 months. I'm willing to go longer to make sure it's a visible, noticeable transformation in your body

5 Muscle Building Tips For BEGINNERS

Here are Top 5 tips to gain muscle mass:
  • Start with moderate resistance+volume:- No pain, no gain, as the motto says, couldn't be anymore devastating for a beginner to follow. Don't be the guy that can't walk after their very first training session. Fact is, studies do show that untrained individuals can get bigger and stronger without pushing their bodies to the limit. Certainly maximal intensity and volume become important matters once you are more experienced, but for beginners, it incurs much more exercise induced muscle damage and since your body is not used to exercise, you'll be sorer and weaker for longer, hurting your future exercise performance. Go moderately heavy, perhaps something you can do comfortably for 10 reps, and then slowly progress from there.

  • Get your protein:-Nutrition is important. I think we can all agree to that. But often beginners fall short on their protein. Within the fitness industry, not many aspects are messier and more confusing than protein intake. Whether that's protein timing, eating protein with your carbs,or using specific types of protein shakes. The information is overwhelming, and often unsubstantiated, but none of it matters more than simply getting enough protein each day. A good starting point is consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight

  • Focus on Compound Movements First:-The best way to achieve overall growth and strength is through compound movements. These are like squats, pull-ups, bench presses, push-ups and dead lifts all heavily targeting multiple muscle groups unlike isolation exercises. It will take more effort to master such movements, but the payoff in terms of growth and strength is much more lucrative.If i were to train every beginner in the world, compound movements will be first target on the list before anything else. Once you get your compounds down, then you can focus on isolation exercises targeting muscles that you want to improve.

  • Work On Your Mobility:- Many beginners or even a lot of experienced trainers for some reason think they can neglect stretching and warming up their muscles and joints. But without proper mobility, improper lifting technique,lack of range of motion,and injuries often follow behind. If you feel like you are not doing a certain exercise correctly no matter how much you practices, chances are that your mobility is holding you back.Implementing tools like dynamic stretches, PNF stretches, joint flows, and even foam rolling can go a long way in improving mobility.

  • Ask For Help:-When you're at the gym, all you want to do is like blend in like everyone else, even if you don't know what you're doing.You might be timid in asking for help from that one athletic guy doing that one exercise that you've been trying to learn. But think about it this way: whatever emotions or concerns you might feel or have about asking someone else for help, chances are that someone else was in the same exact situation as you are now. And unlike others that never sought help and quit, that someone else set aside their fears and approached their someone else and got the support they needed. And contrary to popular belief, people at the gym are more than willing to lend a helping hand. After all they understand the struggle just as much as you do.So muster the courage , put your own pride aside, and ask for help when you need it.One day, once you're all muscular and knowledgeable, you might be able to return that favor.

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