What Causes Teeth To Discolour | Diseases And Treatment |

What Causes Teeth To Discolour | Diseases And Treatment |

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  • Teeth Discolouration happens when the teeth are without legitimate consideration.
  • Certain sustenance things and beverages can make your teeth stain.
  • Ailments can likewise cause teeth discolouration.
causes of teeth discolouration

What Causes Teeth To Discolour | Diseases And Treatment |

Teeth discolouration is caused by various elements. By following a legitimate oral cleanliness, it tends to be anticipated.

Teeth discolouration is the stains on the surface of the tooth. They can comprehensively be characterized into three classes:

Extrinsic: This is the point at which the finish is recolored. The reasons for outward agony incorporate espresso, wine, beverages or nourishments, and smoking.

Intrinsic:  This is the point at which the dentin (the inward structure of the tooth) ends up dull in shading or gets a yellow tint. There are various reasons why you get this sort of an issue including introduction to fluoride, youth injury (like a fall), or a tooth condition.

Age-related Discoloration :  This is the mix of both the previously mentioned components. The polish gets more slender with age and the dentin winds up yellow. In the event that the mash has been harmed alongside different wounds can likewise prompt discolouration of teeth.

Teeth discolouration happens when the teeth are without legitimate consideration and presented to recoloring. Teeth discolouration is caused by various components:

Food Materials

Certain sustenance things and beverages, for example, apples, potatoes, cool beverages, tea, espresso and liquor can make your teeth stain. They change the pH of the mouth prompting recoloring of the teeth.

Disease and Treatment

Illnesses can likewise cause teeth discolouration. Sicknesses identified with mouth and teeth lead to recoloring. In the event that a pregnant lady builds up any sort of disease, this can result in tooth discolouration in the infant. Indeed, even a few medicines, for example, radiation treatment and chemotherapy can likewise cause teeth discolouration.

Improper Oral Hygiene

A legitimate dental consideration is basic to avoid teeth discolouration. On the off chance that you are not normal in brushing and flossing legitimately, this outcomes in plaque statement, subsequently bringing about teeth discolouration. Aggregation of nourishment particles on the teeth surface causes yellowing of the teeth and tooth rot.

Excessive Use of Fluoride

Over the top utilization of toothpaste wealthy in fluoride or utilization of water high in fluoride content for washing causes fluorosis. Fluorosis results in the presence of thick white stains, trailed by searing of the teeth and tooth rot.


Drugs additionally cause teeth discolouration. Certain antihistamines, for example, Benadryl, anti-microbials and drugs for hypertension are likewise in charge of the recoloring of teeth. 

Chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride present in iron syrups and mouthwashes separately additionally cause teeth discolouration. 

Antibiotic medication and doxycycline are additionally known to cause teeth recoloring in kids.


Maturing is another imperative factor in charge of teeth discolouration. Maturing prompts wearing of the finish which uncovered the yellow dentine. Elderly individuals who smoke and drink are increasingly inclined to create teeth discolouration.

Less Production of Saliva

Spit shields your mouth from a wide range of microbial contamination. It likewise keeps up the pH of the mouth. Less generation of salivation because of any contamination or sickness results in plaque development and teeth discolouration.

Teeth discolouration is anything but difficult to avoid. By rolling out couple of improvements in the way of life joined by an appropriate oral cleanliness, you can generally keep your teeth solid, white and sparkly.

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