10 Healthy Weight Loss Diet Lies From People That We Trusted

 Healthy weight loss diet lies - some people say that the lies about slimming and health are told to us simply to make more money, and that governments agree for the sake of the bribes they receive. Others argue that the governments are trying to do something about the population explosion by encouraging poisonous diets but dare not let the electors know.

One thing is for sure - the lies that we are told about weight loss diets can be deadly.

What if I told you that a heart attack (the second greatest killer after medical mistakes) is a new problem related to healthy "weight loss" diet? The first heart attack recorded was in Britain in 1878. Why is it now second only to doctor's mistakes? We have been lied to about the food we eat.

10 Healthy Weight Loss Diet Lies From People That We Trusted

Obesity is now reaching epidemic proportions, and not only in adults but in children. Is this because we care less about slimming? Is it because we have been eating more saturated fats than ever before? No... people are so conscious now of the health dangers of saturated fats that they have cut them out of their weight loss diets as much as possible.

So why has obesity increased as people try to lose weight? Well, if all the experts advised you that the best way to put out a fire was to throw oil on it and you discovered that the experts were all employed by the oil manufacturers and that the fire got worse when you threw on oil, wouldn't you be even a little bit suspicious that you were being lied to by the so-called experts?

The son of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry, invented a psychological template to enable manufacturers and governments to lie convincingly. The technique is in daily use now by the so-called health experts, because it works very well.

I don't have the information here but I remember that the following instructions were important in Freud's lying technique.

  1. Repeat the lie at every opportunity. The victims of the lie believe it more every time that they hear it.
  2. Never get into a debate
  3. If confronted with proof that you are lying never argue. Instead attack the qualifications of the person presenting the proof. It doesn't matter if the person with the proof has better qualifications than yourself, they can't prove it before the end of the interview. You can then instruct the media not to allow the whistle-blower to gain any publicity or you will withdraw your advertising with them.

Recognising the Truth

We have been lied to so much that we now have no way to judge who is telling the truth. We can make a guess by working out how much money the speaker will make from the information, but people telling the truth might also be making a lot of money.

This website will have many articles about healthy diet and weight loss and I disagree strongly with much of what is being said. However I can't lie-detect the articles any more reliably than you can. So I am including these articles about weight loss and slimming and healthy diets because I might be wrong.

One idea that can give you a pointer in the right direction needs you to do some research. If you can get data to show you the prevalence of Polio for instance over the years and also get data to show the numbers of Polio vaccines injected over the years you can draw a graph of one against the other. If there is a sudden drop in Polio at the time of the introduction of the vaccine it doesn't prove anything, because the doctors could have divided "polio" into half a dozen categories and be showing only one instead of six categories.

However if there is no sudden drop (as is the case) you can easily draw your own conclusions.

Take another diet example. Consumption of saturated animal fats decreased over the last century from 30gm per day to about 3gm per day. (Why isn't obesity a thing of the past?) In that time consumption of vegetable oils/fats increased to about 80gm per day. Which brings us to the first killer lie that I'll expose... the big one...

 1. Heart attacks started last century.

  So did the false health information about unsaturated oils being a heart healthy diet and saturated fats being bad for you. For good measure the cholesterol myth was also invented, which they have been trying unsuccessfully to prove for many decades now.

It wasn't done from ignorance. Experiments with pigs a century ago proved that the addition of unsaturated vegetable oils to their healthy diets caused heart attacks, cancer and obesity. Could this false health information be an attempt by governments to fight the population explosion? It is a more creditable theory than the one that they have all been bribed to steer us away from healthy eating habits.

2. Fluoride is good for you

A waste product of aluminium production is fluoride, in a particularly toxic form. Toxic waste dumps would be very expensive to create, Rats are too intelligent to eat fluoride rat poison, because they associate the smell with the deaths of other rats. So someone invented the lie that fluoride is a health food and good for your teeth so should be added to drinking water.

Instead it makes teeth brittle and yellow, and causes unsightly marring of the teeth in children younger than 5 years old. What is more, you can't control the dosage of this poison. If you drink one glass of water a day you get very much less than if you drink ten 8oz glasses per day, as athletes and building construction workers are likely to do.

3. Sunlight is deadly

Do you dread going out in the sunlight because of death lurking in its rays? How do you think people survived before the industrial revolution, working in the fields all day?  

One theory is that Neanderthal man was an ordinary man suffering from vitamin D deficiency. According to that theory men migrated Northward from the middle East and found that it was so cold that they had to cover up with clothes. This prevented exposure to the sun, and caused the deformities in skeletons of Neanderthal Man. He couldn't get vitamin D health food from a health food shop.

We're heading the same way. Now shops sell us sun creams to protect us against the vitamin D that we need. But there is worse to come. We are told that sunlight causes deadly Melanoma skin cancer, but sunlight protects you instead, so more profit can be made by people in the cancer treatment industry if people believe their lies.

4 . Flu vaccines protect your family

The USA government enquiry recently concluded that they were unable to find any proof that flu vaccine ever worked. Manufacturers admit to guessing the right strains of influenza A and influenza B to add to their vaccine each year, but claim "it works if we guess right".

What they don't tell you is that they only try to protect you against the A and B types which are only 18% of flu-like diseases.

So when you hear horror stories at the start of each flu season advising you to protect the lives of your loved ones, they are offering to protect 18% of those who get vaccinated if they have guessed right about which strain will come next.

Against that you'll be surrounded by sick people in the waiting room when you get vaccinated. You'll probably catch one of the flu-like diseases that 82% will have, and you'll have no protection.

Does it sound like a money-raising advert, or advice from people with your best interests at heart? Health information about flu-control with healthy diets is available.

5. It doesn't work

Next comes an assortment of lies and dirty tricks to prove that only the drug companies have the answer.

Every time I hear a so-called expert debunking an alternative medicine on TV I start look for the competition that they are covering up. Why? Well the drug companies aren't going to try to debunk something that doesn't work well enough to compete with them, are they?

Last week they debunked the use of chocolates as a sedative. That really puzzled me because nobody believed that chocolate was a good sedative.

Then I realised...people were getting the message that chocolate is not a health food and has too much sugar, but they were going to continue eating it for the taste.

That means that they would ignore the very real health benefits of the cacao bean as a health food. Search Google for +cocoa +health for the details, but use cocoa powder in a drink with as little sugar as you can...chocolate is cocoa-flavoured sugar mostly, and it was found that 1 teaspoon of sugar switches off your immune system for 3 hours.

6. The "It can kill you" lie

An extreme case of the dirty tricks in health information. Most vitamins and minerals have suffered from this trick at one time or another, and it succeeded in blanket control of health foods in Europe.

7. Cancer Lie

Conventional medicine can cure your cancer and it is criminal to offer false hope with alternative medicines when people could have been cured by conventional medicine.

This is a reversal of the true health information. I admit that surgery could at a stretch be described as "curing" cancer. In the same way amputation of your head would cure your headaches.

But doctors make a practice of insisting on chemotherapy when experience has shown that it won't work for that kind of cancer.

They profit from repeat consultations and repeat prescriptions, then the death certificate describes the cause of death as pneumonia, or whatever other disease chemotherapy enabled. They never admit that the patient was killed indirectly by chemotherapy.

Alternative cures often work when doctors have given patients two months to live. Drug companies argue that healthy diets don't always work, so arternative medicine should not be attempted. If you have only one chance in ten that health foods will work, and only two months to live, what are you going to choose?

Alternative medicine is best at preventing cancer. That health information doesn't make people in the cancer industry (doctors, surgeons, radiation therapists, drug company sales) very happy.

8. Milk processing lie

You'll die if you drink unsanitary unpasteurised milk. The Israelites were promised a land flowing with milk and honey. Do you think it was all pasteurised and homogenised?

When pasteurisation of milk was in its infancy, over a period of several years they had 1 case of tuberculosis caused by drinking raw milk and 14 cases caused by drinking pasteurised milk. How often have you heard this important health information? We got free pasteurised milk at school. Did this bounty mean healthy eating in schools? No drinking pasteurized milk is bad for you.

9. Sterile Conditions Lie

Not eating a healthy diet means that you will get sick and possibly die if you don't keep your food and surroundings constantly disinfected. Any nation that uses human faeces to fertilise food crops will soon die out. Have you seen any signs that the poor Chinese people who ignore this health information are going to die out soon?

10. Soybean Lie

Soybeans are the perfect protein and we know they are safe to eat because the Oriental people have always eaten them.

True health information is that soybeans are toxic until you take extreme steps to kill the toxins. The Oriental people ate fermented soybeans, which were prepared after the toxins had been destroyed.

Only fermented soy products (natto, miso, tempeh) are safe to eat, and tempeh is an excellent source of pre-digested protein. Natto will help keep your arteries clear. But steer clear of gene-modified Soy.

this lie is the most insiduous health information, because if you eat processed food it will almost certainly contain soybeans, though you may need a magnifying glass to read details on the package, and soybeans may be disguised as textured vegetable protein.

While you have the magnifying glass out look for corn oil as well, which is also very bad for you (see the first lie).

Q: If these ten lies are so bad for us, why has life expectancy gone up?

A: Life expectancy adds up the ages at death and divides by the number of deaths recorded. Until a few decades ago most children died at birth. That meant that their deaths were recorded as zero age. Now there are fewer deaths at zero age, because of improved methods and life-support machines. So life expectancy is higher.

One thing is certain. If you want a vigorous healthy life, avoid the healthy weight loss diet lies.