Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle review – Is it a scam?


Are you thinking about buying Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle e-book? Don’t waste your money until you hear the facts! I really thought this was a scam, so I just had to do my own research to find the facts………

I’m going to tell you what I really think about Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program. With out all the hype and bull! Being pretty knowledgeable in loosing weight and staying in shape, I thought that I knew “everything” their was to know about getting rid of body fat.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle review – Is it a scam?

Maybe that’s why it took me almost 2 years to loose 80 pounds!

The reason that it took me this long is because I didn’t have a plan of action. If I would have had a plan in the beginning I would have lost the weight much quicker. Most people would just give up if they would have to go through what I went through to get the fat off and loose weight. Using the same principles that the book shares has helped me keep the weight off for many years.

Tom Venuto, a respected fat loss expert, natural bodybuilder, and personal trainer, has not just pumped out yet another “diet program” into an already over-saturated market. Tom’s Burn the Fat can be more accurately described as a “Fat Loss Bible.” It is quite simply one of the most complete, detailed, and precise guides to fat loss you will ever read. What makes it so much different than other weight loss publications on the market?

I just wish that I would have known about Tom Venuto and his Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle e-book when I first got started! I had to learn everything through trial and error. This book is the blueprint for how to burn fat. When I first read Tom’s book I was just blown away by his simple but detailed approach to weight loss.

* Attention *
One thing that I must tell you about the Burn The Fat e-book is that it won’t work if you are looking for a “quick way” to loose weight. Many people want to loose weight fast, but the principle of the book is to teach you how to keep the weight off long term.

It goes into great detail on topics such as

The real reasons why you are overweight. Note – Some of the reasons will really surprise you!
Why “diets” just don’t work.
How to loose body fat and keep your muscle.
How to change your current attitude to help you loose weight.
Loosing weight without pills, memberships at pricey gyms, and eating only rabbit food.

And much, much more!…………………….

Let me tell you a little more about Tom Venuto’s book. Many have described his Burn The Fat book as “The online Fat Loss bible” His book stands heads and shoulders above a lot of the junk that is out their right now.

Well enough of that right now! You are probably are thinking what makes Tom’s e-book so much better than the millions of others that are floating around on the net these days? The first 3 chapters as you will soon see go into why it’s fat you must loose, and not “weight” ( which does not include muscle, water and other lean tissue ) he goes into detail exactly how to do it!

This course is not for everybody! Don’t get this course if you

* Don’t like doing plenty of reading, because their is a lot of it!

* Don’t like following step-by-step instructions.

* Think that the price of the course ( $39 ) is just too much to help you change your current physical state. ( You spent this going out to eat 1 time with your family )

* If you are happy the way you are, and you don’t need to learn how you can Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle

What makes Burn the Fat different is the amount of detail given to each and every element of successful, healthy, permanent fat loss. The thing that I like the most about the book is that it dispels all of the lies, and popular myths surrounding the subject of fat loss. It’s simply the most detailed book about fat loss hands down.

What the program is not…………

This program is not a low carb, high protein, or high fat diet neither! From the information that you are going to read today in the book, you will be able to easily be able to identify your personal ideal protein, fats and carbs ratio. When you get through reading the book, you will be able to analyze your body type, which will help you determine the amount of calories that your body requires every day.

The chapter that I really like is “How to set powerful, compelling goals that will propel you forward and charge you up with unstoppable motivation.” This is one of the most important chapters because you will learn the key secrets to burning fat and getting in shape.

Again……. if you are looking for a quick fix, this may not be for you! This book is loaded with information that you can always refer back to if you get side tracked. Believe me it is well worth the it!

This Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle e-book is for someone who is tired of searching for a program that is full of filler with no real content on how to burn fat, just things that most people already know. If you put forth the effort and are willing to learn you will not be disappointed.