how to Gain Healthy Weight - it really Worth .


How to gain healthy  weight: Don't let the big bully kick sand in your eyes at the beach. Yes. That is how the body building advertising goes. But are the adverts true?

how to Gain Healthy Weight - it really Worth .
how to Gain Healthy Weight - it really Worth .


The advantages of being skinny.

The big bully has his arm round a beautiful girl and his weight is sinking his feet into the sand. Because you are so skinny, you have normal strength to move a very low weight around. This high strength/weight ratio allows you to move fast. Besides, the big bully can't move fast with the girl holding him and his feet trapped in the sand, so you can soon make him beg for mercy, and apologize humbly for kicking sand in your face.


Think of these advantages.

  1. High strength/weight ratio
  2. Very agile
  3. Run up stairs leaving normal people gasping for breath
  4. Run marathon or cycle all day
  5. Big people learn that it is dangerous to attack you
  6. If you need an operation the surgeon won't have to dig through layers of fat

I can remember how I amazed the other teenagers at the end of a day of walking through the Scottish hills. A laggard member of our party had got into difficulty and we were asked to send volunteers to help. While the other teenagers were wondering if they could get up off the ground I had run across the field, hurdled a wire fence and the ditch behind it, and started up the track again.


Why? Well I weighed 8 stone. The energy used is the distance times the force moved against. That means that I used up half as much energy as someone weighing 16 stone. No wonder I had energy left!




How to build muscle

Have you heard this story? When you eat more calories than you burn, the extra calories are used to build tissue. You gain weight with fat tissue or muscle tissue.

It's a nice theory, but it didn't work for me. After all it is too simple. It is the calories that you digest that matter, not the calories that you eat. The setting of your body thermostat matters. Your hormones matter. Your genetics matter. Fortunately, I never wanted to know how to put on weight.

Anyhow, it is the tape measure that matters, not your weight. You can put on muscle weight and still stay skinny. And you don't want to gain weight by putting on fat. Think of it... if you double your weight it will be like carrying someone your own weight on your back...permanently. You can never put the weight down for a rest.

My mother and I and my daughter were all skinny in our early years. We put on weight in our forties. As a teenager I worked on a farm, and the landlady decided to make me gain weight. I could hardly move after each meal, because it stretched my stomach so much and weighed me down. After two months I had gone down 3 pounds in weight, so she gave up!



Carbohydrates are not the answer


Carbohydrates were used for short bursts of energy like dodging a saber-toothed tiger or running a hundred yards. (It was a bad idea to gain weight if there were saber-tooths about.) Carbs are very undesirable for long-term energy such as running a marathon or building muscles. So eat plenty of fat and protein, and keep your carbohydrates to fruit and vegetables. The fat won't make you gain weight, but it will give you the long-term energy needed for building muscles. If you build your muscles you'll gain weight. How much can you build your muscles? Sorry, you come up against genetics again.

Eat a few tablespoons of coconut oil each day, and enjoy the beef dripping on your meat.

Do I guarantee that you will gain weight. No. Do I believe that there is a sure way to gain weight? No. You can't fight your genetics. However, a common cause of being skinny is that the thyroid is over-active. Coconut oil seems to normalize the activity of your thyroid, lowering or raising it to be normal. However, it may not work for you. Anyhow, if you are like me you will be fighting to keep the weight off once you turn forty. The last thing you will be interested in is how to gain weight.