How To Lose Weight And Keep Slim And Healthy


How To Lose Weight And Keep Slim And healthy:  The best way is to find out all the scams that have been promoted. All the lies you have been told about what you should eat. Then you can avoid the scams just as I have. You will be fighting off an enormous weight of human parasites that get their money from the obesity industry, but you can do it.



How To Lose Weight And Keep Slim And Healthy


Why don't the lies work?


Think about this. All this century people have been eating less and less saturated fat because of the lies that say that fat makes you fat. If it was truly the way to slim, why aren't we all slim? Why does eating less saturated fat result in an epidemic of obesity and diabetes?

 Of course, that's not the only lie. The food pyramid shows that we should eat grains in the form of bread, cakes, cereals, pasta, bagels... The manufacturers of these scam products know that the best way to fatten cattle is to give them lots of grain. The best way to fatten pigs is to give them lots of unsaturated vegetable oils, as long as you slaughter them before they can die of the resulting heart attacks or cancer.

Think about it. How many billion dollars a year would be lost by the obesity industry if people discovered how easy it was to lose weight. All the heart specialists, drug manufacturers, grocery processors, diabetes specialists would join the unemployment queues. All the experts who tell you the way to shed those inches by spending money on their particular quack remedy would go broke.



How to become slimmer in various ways


How to become slimmer in various ways

Dr Atkins was the first to realize that carbohydrates make you hungry and as a result you eat more carbohydrates and end up with diabetes. He lived before the saturated fat scam started, so he recommends eating lots of fat for slow-release energy.

 Once he started looking at the facts other people caught on to the idea and started to work out their own variations on his ideas. So we have raw, low carb diets, normal carbohydrates, Mediterranean, paleo (or paleolithic), Science, ediet and who knows how many more. These try to keep to a sensible eating plan, but too many of them have been deceived by the propaganda.

Then there are the fad diets such as liquid diets, fruit diets, grapes, soup, cabbage plan, all designed to make you weigh less.if you want to know how to stop being obese, don't ask your doctor. He only can repeat the propaganda he was fed as a student. Remember, the people who started the Atkins and South Beach ideas were doctors who discovered that the advice they had learned at University was false.

 The rice diet is an example of an in-between system. It needs daily medical supervision, which means that the doctors don't need to pull scams to get wealthy. Unpolished brown rice is full of good nutrients, and so are fruit. The ediet takes note that everyone is different, and tries to allow for this.

 Consider the Zone diet. This concentrates on a physiological region where insulin and eicosanoids are neither too high nor too low. How do you know if you are in the right area? I'll leave you to guess. Hint... there's money in it for someone.


Trick your body

 Some people maintain that slimming is to trick your body. Eat psylium husks that expand inside you making you feel satisfied, and absorbing fattening foods. Staple your stomach so that you can't eat much. Use ephedra to burn some of the carbohydrates that you shouldn't have eaten. Take hoodia pills to suppress your appetitete (hoodia is a rare African plant, so most pills don't contain any hoodia whatever they claim.


I still haven't told about getting rid of those inches, have I?


Cut out food sensitivities (allergies) that fatten you. The usual culprits are food additives, milk products, peanuts, and soybean products.Stop eating vegetable oils (uncooked olive is OK but not cooked) and use coconut oil for your cooking. Get your energy from coconut oil, not from carbohydrates.

Drink 64 oz water (2 liters) of water a day. Get your carbohydrates for breakfast. Eat fourteen servings of uncooked fruit and vegetables blended together with two raw eggs a clove of garlic, a tablespoon each of ginger powder and brewers yeast. It tastes good but you'll have to build up your appetite slowly until you can eat (or drink) that much (3 pints). Snack whenever you are hungry during the day, and eat a high-protein meal in the evening. Dried beans are an excellent source of fiber as well as being fairly high in protein.

If you are wealthy enough get only organically grown meats, because livestock concentrate agricultural poisons and pass them on to you. Chickens, milk products, and eggs are the main culprits. Eggs are the best source of protein of all... if they are from organic free-range hens.

Never let yourself be hungry. Snack instead. Don't use sugar or grains or soybeans or unsaturated vegetable oils. That is a summary of how to lose weight as I did. I'm the ideal weight now, but use these ideas to keep my weight steady. If you want to know how to gain weight see the next article