Health Food Can Fight Your Addictions

   The first thing you need to break an addiction is to want to do so. The second thing is to put a systematic plan into action as soon as possible, because every moment your addiction is creating more irreversible damage. Better still, don't even try addictive substances. Prevention is better and easier than cure.

Health Food Can Fight Your Addictions

Most forms of addiction are to non-food stuff. So why do I file the information under health foods? Because you can often ease the stranglehold on yourself by using healthy food to break your habit.

A drug or drugs prescribed by your doctor can be addictive. Cannabis, methadone, cocaine, and nicotine could never be considered as food, although I suppose alcohol could be considered a food and meth addiction is caused by something you drink. Prevention is better than cure, and that includes addiction to prescribed drugs.

Universal Addiction Information

One thing is for sure. An addict must really want treatment to get recovery from any addiction, or it won't work. Another of the addiction facts is that you will probably need help. If you are among the addicts to prescription drugs, you won't get much sympathy or help from your doctor. According to the media the doctors prescribe addictive drugs for ADHD and don't seem to care about the teen addicts that result, ten years later.


Prevention is best. Nobody who is an alcoholic intended to lose control when he or she had the first drink. If you never take the first alcoholic drink, you will never be an alcoholic drunkard or even worse, a meth addict.

Smoking (nicotine addiction)

When you are suffering withdrawal symptoms from quitting cigarettes, it helps to blend up oranges and lemons into a drink (including the skins) and drink the result through a straw every time you want to smoke.

Why does this work? Who cares! As long as it works, that is what matters. However I have a theory. Vitamin C is known to render poisons inactive. It could be that you are simply getting rid of the drugs that are causing your addiction. If my guess is right, then the same treatment should work with other forms of addiction, not just for nicotine.

If that is really the reason for blended citrus fruits helping your drug recovery, then perhaps Chlorella would also help, because it detoxifies your body. If that is the case, you should start with a very low dose each day, because toxins deposited in your body won't be doing much harm, but when Chlorella releases them into your bloodstream you could become very sick. So it is better to release the poisons a little bit at a time.

Cigarettes serve the same function as a dummy. Every time you get stressed, you start sucking your dummy. Cocoa is a great substitute. There is something in cocoa that makes you feel good. It is also in chocolate, but the concentration is lower, because chocolate is mostly sugar. Make yourself a drink of cocoa sweetened with honey (chosen for its mild flavor) or stevia powder. See how much better it makes you feel. I'm allergic to milk and cream, so I use 25 ml (2 tablespoons) of coconut oil instead of milk. That also helps me to feel good.

Teen addiction

It is terrible to see youngsters smoking their first cigarettes. They may have all the addiction information that they need. The trouble is that they may not believe it.

They may even believe some of the addiction information, but they want to be looked up to by their friends, so must start drinking and smoking and using other addictive drugs. To a teenager a horrible death when they reach three times their age seems too far away to be important.

Addiction information is too boring. If teens could see people gasping for their next breaths with emphysema or losing their voices with throat cancer they might be prepared to take a longer view. Or they might not.

Non-reversible drug damage

Before you start an addiction consider this information. Smoking in the same room as a baby can cause it irreversible health damage.

When you quit smoking your problems won't all go away. You will have more energy and breathe easier. But you could still get throat cancer twenty years after you stopped smoking.

If you ever see a man dieing of alcoholism in the gutter, remember that he never intended it to happen when he took his first drink. If the message could be brought home to teenagers that they should think hard before damaging themselves incurably, perhaps we would have fewer teen addicts. I'm sure that anyone witnessing the deterioration of an ice addict would realise that suicide is the best cure, and would avoid even sampling the poison.