learn about Jogging for health and recovery

Jogging for recovery 

 More effective means of preventing disease and preserves the physical capacity to old age is the recovery running. Its effectiveness relies on the so-called periodically (portions) loading of the muscles and internal organs. As a result of systematically running slowly at the beginning and then gradually increasing rate occurs strengthen the heart muscle, reducing Cholesterol in the blood, improves the structure of the walls of blood vessels, improves blood oxygenation and metabolism. One becomes more alert, more energetic, more able to work. Running a beneficial effect on blood circulation and heart.

learn about Jogging for health and recovery

 Among those who engage in physical exercise, sports and especially running, mortality caused by disease, circulation system and the heart is three times less than people with low mobility, leading a sedentary life. Eg. population in many regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America, life is connected with running and physical exertion such as breaking handling of heavy loads, do not know and myocardial sclerosis. The heart of runner is able to work his muscles is stronger and bigger. During the holidays it runs slower and more productive. For a man who did not flee, his pulse was about 76 beats per minute, while an athlete’s pulse was 60 beats per minute. The difference of 16 beats per minute for one hour gives 960 beats, and one day for 23,040 shots. This shows how much work the heart of the economically trained person, and how long it rests.

The trained heart has a greater capacity. The heart of the patient pushes 8-10 liters of blood per minute with no recipes and workouts, a healthy but untrained to 20 liters, while the one who trains – 35 to 40 liters pushing so much can be achieved only by running and exercise.

Jogging for health

The jogging encourages those who are receiving through the race. It is organized by the Society for Large scale physical culture and Polish Television and has won great popularity and recognition among the participants. It is particularly well known to viewers, which in several periodic broadcast entitled “jogging”, you can explore the organizational and methodological conditions of the share.  

These programs have played a huge role in overcoming the moral prejudices of society, because, as the practice of fleeing our parks no longer produce sensations as before. Without doubt this is an achievement that will allow all those who started to flee, to undertake the training complexes and without fear of ridicule. No less an achievement of the organizers of the campaign “jogging” is the development of many training programs available and the recipes offered in two versions.

Option I – simplicity to ease the memory of the participants of complicated methodological details, and the only requirement is to control the time devoted to running. This option provides training to start even, or one minute’s running with free breathing. When after one month training can effortlessly run 5 minutes, systematically increasing running time, up to 10 minutes continuous run. Gradually lengthening the running, should systematically after a year without training effort to run the 30 minutes

Option II – gradually reducing the time necessary to overcome the constant edge length of 5 km. Start by walking, then run the small areas is, until the end of the annual training cycle runs the entire distance.

Workout program this option is as follows:

  • 1) Start by walking a distance of 5 km, distance to travel for 55 minutes, increasing the pace of walking in after training, after four weeks, the distance must be overcome for 50 min;
  • 2) fast walking, jogging in passing on segments of 100 m and 5 weeks after the distance should be traveled for 44 minutes;
  • 3) over the next five weeks to run the increasingly long stretches to the end of this period to overcome this distance for 37 minutes;
  • 4) distance of 5 km, which initially covered for 55 min, ran to a uniform rate and without great effort for 30 minutes
  • Both versions of jogging is closer to the light and intensive program of treatment through our running, but not breaking so that success can be given any training program, selected from proposals presented here.