Low Carb Diet -side effects, Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Lose the Weight

side effects

Many people now know that low carb diet plan is the most effective diet plan to reduce extra fat of the body. Because of this reason many individuals are following this diet plan without checking the side effects of following this plan. Yes, it is true that there are few side effects also of following this diet plan. It is another fact that people usually don’t check the side effects. They only consider the effects because they want to reduce extra fat of their body. Low carb diet plan is also considered good during diabetes disease. If you want to know its overall details, you should check the side effects of following this diet plan.

Low Carb Diet -side effects, Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Lose the Weight

Frequent urination

This side effect is observed by many individuals. If you will follow low carb diet plan, you will surely go to toilet more often. It happens because our body starts burning extra amount of glycogen. Glycogen is also known as stored glucose, which is produced in liver and muscles. It does not take one week or few days in observing this side effect because, if you will follow the diet, you will observe in just one or two days. While body burns extra glycogen, it frees too much water that’s why you will go for frequent urination.


As above mentioned, low carb diet plan causes frequent urination problem, it releases essential minerals from our body. When you will start following low carb diet, your body will release salt, potassium and magnesium. Lack of these essential minerals will cause tiredness. Whatever work you do and wherever you go, you will feel fatigue and dizziness. It seems quite easy to follow low carb diet, but because dizziness and fatigue you may plan to quite this diet.

Low Carb Diet -side effects, Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Lose the Weight


Constipation is a disease and many of you might be familiar with it. This disease is also a side effect of following low carb diet plan. Basically this problem occurs because lack of water and salt in our body. In addition to constipation, headache and hypoglycemia are also other side effects of following low carb diet. To be safe from these side effects you should drink enough water in the diet. You should also include fibre foods in your daily diet so that you will remain safe from maximum side effects. People, who follow low carb diet plan under guidance of diet experts, they know details about these side effects. If you will take care of drinking enough water and eating fibre containing meals, you will surely not face problems.

Low Carb Diet Ideas Tips and Tricks to Lose the Weight :

Low Carb Diet Plan is important because it promotes fitness in us and reduces excessive eating habits. Today maximum people are looking to follow low carb diet because they also want to gain the benefits offered by this diet. People don’t want to gain abdominal cavity, which comes from high carb diet. People simply want to live a healthy life, which is not possible if you are gaining weight daily. Low carb diet plan is perfect for those, who want to promote their health and looks without spending a large amount. The diet plan is given below and it is very easy to follow.

Low Carb Diet -side effects, Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Lose the Weight

Foods to avoid in low carb diet plan

There are many food stuffs, which contain excessive amount of carbohydrate. For example sugar, which is called the bulk container of carb. If you are following low carb diet plan, you should reduce intake of sugar as more as possible. Along with sugar you should also avoid to eat gluten grains and artificial sweeteners because these both foods include a large amount of carbs in our body. If you prefer to use diet products, like weight loss supplements and trans foods, immediately stop them because they will harm your physique.

What should you eat in low carb diet plan?

If there are many foods to avoid in low carb diet plan, then there is also a verity of foods, which you should eat daily. Include meat in your diet, which contains low carb, but very healthy food for life. You can eat meat of chicken, beef, and lamb or beef because these all meats help us in promoting level of essential nutrients in our body and provide protein in enough quantity to improve power. Along with meat you should also eat green vegetables daily, which promote health and never cause any damage in our body. If you want, you can also include eggs, canned fishes and nuts in your diet because they all have low carbs, but enough nutrients to promote our health.

Low Carb Diet -side effects, Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Lose the Weight

Beverages to take in low car diet plan

Beverages are important for promoting good health and usually people take many kinds of beverages in a day. If you are fond of tea, try to take green tea which is full of antioxidants and other minerals. If you like to take alcohol, go for gluten free alcohol. You should take one cup coffee daily and if you drink soda, then prefer artificial sweetener free soda. Thus you can follow the low carb diet plan, which will surely help you in being fit and fine for all time.