Maintain Body Weight Without Medicines

  People’s lifestyle is changing nowadays.  And weight is something that is given utter importance in today’s lifestyle.    As it is said, “Health is Wealth” a person needs to be healthy and fit to lead a long happy life.  Weight of a person determines the health of a person.  Maintaining your health does not mean to starve yourself the entire day.  It will only make you sick and weak and therefore leading to unnecessary intake of medicine. Taking medicines to lose weight is just sheer waste of money.  These medicines could even have their side effects.  Unfortunately there are no magic bullet solutions.  The crash diets don’t work in the long term and the pills are mostly scams. 

Maintain Body Weight Without Medicines


A stable weight depends upon the balance between the energy intake from food and the way you use it.  It is a must to consider how many calories you take every day.  In order to lose weight you will have to burn the fat stored in your body.  Obesity is one of the major problems that people are facing because of all the junk food available at every nook and corner.  Obesity is actually a medical condition in which excess body fat is accumulated which leads to reduce life expectancy and increased health problem.  

Obesity also increases the likelihood of various diseases, especially heart diseases.  Obesity is caused by a combination of excessive intake of food energy and lack of physical activity.  Dieting and physical exercising are the main treatment for obesity.   Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, playing outdoor games etc. also helps in weight loss. Here are some dieting tips that will help you for a healthy life:

  • Smart work out:   Instead of going for the regular 40 mts work out, you can go for three-four work outs for 10 mts in the entire day.  In a 40 mts workout you tend to lose less weight because you are not giving a chance for the fat burning process to slow down.
  • Drink water: Intake of seven to eight glasses of water helps to cut down your fat.  Drinking ice cold water helps to burn your extra calories.  Water is also zero calorie which helps to lose weight.
  • Eating raw fruits and vegetables = fast weight loss: Raw fruits and vegetables give you energy for a longer period which helps you fight hunger cravings that occur at unusual times.  People, whose diets are dominant in fruits and vegetables, tend to lose weight faster.
  • Drink green tea:  Having three to five cups of green tea helps you burn at least 30-40 percent of your fat.
  • Sleep right: Having a good 6-7 hours sleep helps you to get up early and fresh in the morning.  A good start in the morning motivates you towards exercising and thereby, towards healthy life.
  • Juices: Juices high in fiber, proteins and calcium satiate hunger, leaves you satisfied and drops kilos off your waist.  

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that helps you in maintaining your physical fitness and overall health.  It is done for many reasons like weight lose, strengthening muscles, maintaining your weight etc. Frequent and regular exercise boosts your immune system and helps to prevent many diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers etc.

 It also helps you to improve mental health, promotes positive self esteem. Childhood obesity is a growing global concern and physical exercises help to reduce it. Exercising also increases your growth hormone.  Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises help to increase the mechanical efficiency of the heart.  Therefore, weight can be reduced in a healthy way, without the use of medicines.  Regular exercising, adequate sleep, healthy food and huge amount of positive attitude leads you to weight lose in a healthy way.