Health…….treasure worth saving.  A person is termed as a “healthy person” only if he is physically and mentally fit.  But nowadays health is only confined to physical health.  Merely eating healthy food is not enough.  Mental health also plays a vital role in leading a healthy and prosperous life.  Healthy body is always dependent on a healthy mind. It is very necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy.  Parents should encourage their children to play outdoor games and inculcate in them a desire to lead a healthy life.


It helps to improve your range of movements and helps maintain flexibility in your body. Health is deeply related to the type of lifestyle you lead.  It is desirable that in personal life every individual should be acquainted with essential health skills to stay healthy.  Good health also helps you to pursue your dreams and achieve anything in life that poor health won’t permit.  Poor health will limit your day to day activities and interactions with your society.  If you keep yourself healthy you will have to spend little or no time, money on doctors, medicines, health etc.

Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercising but also mental health and a healthy lifestyle.  Health is precious and you certainly wouldn’t want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems.  Never take your health for granted.   

Here are some tips related to health

  1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER:  Most of us do not drink water every day.  It plays an essential role in the functioning of our body.  It also helps to detoxify the waste from our body.  Furthermore drinking more water alone actually aids in loosing weight.
  2. MEDITATION:  Meditation helps to calm your mind and soul.  It also helps to increase your concentration in work.  It improves your mood and helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  3. EXERCISE: Exercising keeps you healthy, increases your blood circulation and makes you less prone to diseases.  Exercising everyday helps you to increase your stamina and makes your body more flexible.  Regular exercising helps to maintain your bone mass.
  4. FOOD:  Intake of a balance diet is very essential for a healthier life.  Balance diet should comprise of protein, green vegetables etc.   Fruits also form an important part of a balance diet.  Fruits are low in calories.  Deeply colored fruits contain high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help cleansing toxins from our body.
  5. AVOID JUNK FOOD: Junk food contains less nutritional value.  The preservatives added are bad for your health.  Some food items contain excess salt which also leads to high blood pressure.
  6. AVOID SMOKING:  Smoking increases risks of cancers such as lungs, kidney, etc.  Tobacco use leads most commonly to diseases that affect the heart, liver and lungs, with smoking being a major risk factor for heart attacks.
  7. BE POSITIVE: Positive mental health helps a person to gain a healthier life.  Like toxics from our body should be removed likewise, negativity, which is a toxic to our mind, should be removed.  You would never want to be surrounded by people who are full of negativity.  Positivity comes from within you.  If you feel positive, you will feel healthy.
  8. ADEQUATE SLEEP:  Getting a good night sleep is very essential for a healthy life.  But getting the right amount of sleep is also important.  Six to seven hours of sleep is a must for every individual.  A person who sleeps more than eight hours or less than four hours can never attain a healthy life.
  9. BREATHE FRESH AIR: In today’s busy life, people are just confined to their cars, offices and houses.  Working people barely go out in fresh air.  Going out for a walk helps freshen your mind and fills you with more energy and makes you feel active and content.
  10. HYGIENE: Even if you are eating healthy food, it won’t do any good to you if you are not maintaining your personal hygiene.  One should make a habit of washing of hands with soap before each meal.

Health is state of physical, mental and social well being.  Human beings are the most important asset of nature and in the absence of health can make the world come to a standstill.  The concept of being healthy is a composition of different facets of life.  It includes well being which can be brought about with the help of a healthy diet and regular exercising.  The true definition of a health brings out the real essence of a healthy life.