Weight Diets – Your Weight Is Not Your Fault

Natural weight diets that help you lose weight naturally are all very well, but believe it or not, your main problems are all in the mind. It’s just the way people are.

Weight Diets – Your Weight Is Not Your Fault

Fight Brainwashing

All of your life you have been brainwashed into the lifestyle that gave you the body weight that you have. Well, that may not be quite true – if you are trying to gain weight it is probably hormones and an active lifestyle that keep you skinny.

Fad diets that make you eat only one thing, such as cabbage, make you unhealthy. But you can keep your health while you diet.

Think about it – have you been brainwashed into the following misconceptions?

  • Your lack of will power makes you fail. (You don’t need will power).
  • Use labor-saving devices instead of your muscles.
  • You can’t go walking in the rain, snow, blizzard, fog, high wind, heat, blazing sunshine…
  • You must eat bread.
  • You mustn’t leave anything on your plate.
  • You must eat cereals.
  • You must drink fizzy drinks.
  • You can’t do without sugar.
  • You can’t do without chocolate.
  • You must feel hungry to lose weight.
  • You should skip eating breakfast. (My advice will make you eat more than you want for breakfast.)

Lack of Support

Your spouse wants you to lose weight – at least until his/her diet has to change as well. So you change only your own weight diets to try to lose weight without affecting the rest of the family. It’s only natural that meal preparation is not as fast for two different diets, which is hardly ideal.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your loved ones will think that it is funny to tease you about your weight diets. The ones that you should rely on most for support in your weight diets just aren’t there to help you. Some people find it helpful to join a club of weight watchers for the mutual support, but it isn’t free.

Did you know that stress can make you put on weight? That means that if you are teased a lot, it can make you fatter. There is a natural way to get around the problem, where you don’t need will power, and you can make your loved ones gasp at how much you can eat, and how fast you can run up stairs.

Perhaps you don’t really want your diets to work

Draw up a table with reasons not to lose (or gain) weight in one column and reasons to change weight in the other. For instance if you are too skinny, why does it matter? Who says that you are too skinny? If you need surgery, the doctor won’t have to cut through layers of fat to get at anything.

Are you an 8-stone weakling? That’s a great advert, but if you weigh 8 stone you probably have an extremely high strength/weight ratio. If you ever get into a fight with a big bully, he will probably be about as strong as you are, but he will have to move twice as much weight so you will be twice as fast, with the same strength.

Only you know why you want your weight diets to work, but list everything relevant in the table. You might find that you don’t want to change your weight after all.

The Naughtiness Factor

When you tell a child not to do something, what happens? When you try to give something up – that is the only thing that you want. I think of it as the naughtiness factor.

The way to get round it is to allow everything. If you must have chocolate, force yourself to concentrate on your enjoyment of it. Go somewhere quiet. Cut everything out of your mind and enjoy the texture and the flavor for every moment that the chocolate lasts.

Your mind is lazy, so rather than experience such intense concentration again it is likely to decide that you don’t like chocolate anyhow! If your mind is less lazy you’ll still get as much enjoyment out of one piece of chocolate as you would get from a whole pound while watching TV.

Or use my home-made chocolates, described in the book, to ruin your appetite. “Chocolates” are sugar bound together with copha, and colored with cocoa powder. The sugar is very bad for you. So here’s how to make your own healthy “chocolates”.

  • stevia powder – the healthy sweetener
  • unsweetened cocoa powder (more than 50% carbohydrate)
  • coconut oil

Mix with quantities that you like (as little cocoa as possible) and put in hemispherical ice-cube trays to freeze, then keep in the fridge if you’re in a hot country. Cocoa and coconut oil both spoil your appetite.

Preliminaries to weight diets

In modern times we are allergic to lots of things, including food additives and probably some foods.

Allergy to peanuts can kill you, but allergy to milk products is more likely to fatten you up. Soy products are likely to make you more feminine which may suit you if you are female, but might make you put on weight. Gene-modified soy is found in nearly every manufactured food, so do your own cooking.

Find out your food sensitivities by cutting out one food group at a time for two weeks while you keep records of your weight and health.

If you are lucky, you won’t need any weight diets. Once your diet is free of the offending food, you may make a quick beeline for your ideal weight.

You can’t use fast food and lose weight. You’ll have to learn to cook if you’re not doing it yet. It’s best to eat most of your food raw, but don’t eat meat raw, because a single tapeworm egg in your meat could result in your painful death.

Buy fat-calipers from a gymnasium supplier, and read the instructions on how to use them. Men should have 10% to 20% body fat and women get their curves by having 20% to 30%. Anyway, the instructions will tell you what range you should be in. The usual weight advice says that Arnold Swartzenegger is obese! Fat calipers are more reliable.

People will laugh at you and tease you

Be prepared to go your own way. If you find that peer-pressure is too strong for you, you can change your friends.

Be aware beforehand of the emotional challenges. Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business. Be strong and go your own way.

The reason why people like quick weight loss diets is that they don’t believe that their willpower is strong enough to beat their cravings and food addictions.

Do you know what? Your willpower isn’t strong enough. What does a mother do when the child demands something? Hands over a substitute.

The best natural weight diets will have acceptable substitutes so that you can keep your natural healthy ideal weight for the rest of your life without will power. My “chocolates” should only be a temporary alternative that you no longer need once you follow the “diet” in my Kindle book.

When an obese person teases you about what you eat, laugh at them for being obese. Oh, there’s an article on how to gain weight in this site too.