Calorie Diet Plan for weight loss

 If you are willing tolose your weight you have to reduce the amount of calorie you are consuming through meal. To achieve this target you have to adopt a ‘calorie diet plan’. Nevertheless, if you cut down the intake of calorie without any calorie weight loss plan you may not obtain the desired result.

Calorie Diet Plan for weight loss

 To obtain this objective you have to adopt ‘calorie weight loss plan’ effectively. But before you kick start, you have to consult either a dietician or a doctor who, keeping in view your age, gender, metabolic rate, body size; will counsel you to follow specific ‘calorie weight loss plan’ with a suitable ‘calorie diet plan’. This calorie weight loss plan becomes even more important if you happen to fall in the category of ‘pregnant’ or ‘breast feeding woman’. Let us first have a look on 1200 calorie diet plan.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

If you opt for 1200 calorie diet plan as a part of your  calorie weight loss plan it will prove to be a  nutritious and right calorie weight loss plan to keep you healthy. This ‘1200 calorie diet plan’ suits and keeps fit most of the people on an average. The ‘1200 calorie diet plan’ should also maintain suitable balance of the micro nutrients. If your ‘1200 calorie diet plan is a fusion of healthy and nutrients it can control your food craving habit too.

1200 calorie diet plan should be broken down into further steps. To start with your 1200 calorie diet plan you should consume 300 calorie in breakfast, 100 calories in mid-morning snack, 300 calories in lunch, 50 calories in mid-afternoon, and you are also advised to take 450 calories in your dinner as a part of calorie weight loss plan. Although, you can have snacks whenever you feel like having it in this 1200 calorie diet plan.

In addition, you should take sufficient liquid in this 1200 calorie diet plan so that your body works effectively. If you intake sufficient quantity of water adhering to 1200 calorie diet plan every day you will definitely shade those extra pounds of the weight sticking to this calorie weight loss plan. You should develop the habit of eating with patience, enjoying variety in your daily meal to have a 1200 calorie diet plan which is multi-vitaminous and which satisfy your body requirements. You should also do some aerobic exercise daily for thirty minutes to complement 1200 calorie diet plan. This 1200 calories diet plan is an ideal way suggested for calorie weight loss plan provided you observe it strictly as per guidelines and instructions of your dietician or doctor.

1000 Calorie Diet Plan

There are several ‘Calorie Weight Loss Plans’ and 1000 Calorie Diet Plan is one of them. This 1000 Calorie Diet Plan suits those who are not that much active in terms of physical activities. Besides, this ‘1000 Calorie Diet Plan’ should be carried out only for a short period of span and should not be continued for more than three days in a row. This calorie weight loss plan is such ‘Calorie Weight Loss Plan’ in which very low level calories are prescribed. It is better that before you kick start, you should first consult your doctor and then follow this ‘1000 calorie diet plan. This 1000 calorie diet plan is recommended by doctors only when your obesity becomes a threat to life or when you have to undergo a surgery.


There are numerous ‘Calorie weight loss plans available out there to consider but you have to select such a  ‘Calorie weight loss plan’ which suits you as well as your family members and that too after consulting your dietician who will chalk out a ‘Calorie Diet Plan’ which will suit one and all in your family.

So, pull up your socks and begin a suitable calorie weight loss plan based on your health, physical activities, mental stress, social activities and of course your physical appearance.