Chest Workout at Home | Easy Chest Exercises

 Chest muscles are the most powerful muscles of the upper body. They play a crucial role in pushing movement, which helps in lathering up your hair to pushing a door open. Hence, you must include chest exercises during your workout sessions. You can rest assured that you’ll work those muscles using our best chest workout program at home 

Chest Workout at Home | Easy Chest Exercises

e. The workout comprises chest workout with and without weights. They are as follows:


It is known as one of the classic chest exercises. Push-ups are an excellent choice for building upper and full body muscles. Make sure you widen your grip as it will target more chest muscles compared to a narrow grip. However, if you find the simple push-ups too much challenging at first, you can start with the inclined push-ups. The inclined push-up targets your lower chest muscles and is one of the best lower chest workout at home for beginners.

Chest workout at home 

Push Ups

Bench press:

The bench press is one of the most popular chests building exercises of all time. It helps in building muscle mass and sculpt your chest. You can start doing bench press at a lighter weight at first and increase your repetitions day by day. Once you get used to the weight, double it and do about 10-12 reps per set.

You can also do the incline bench press, which focuses on your upper pectoral muscles. However, the declined bench press focuses on your lower pectoral muscles. Most people avoid inclined and declined bench press, but it is essential for a full round chest.

Chest workout at home

Bench Press

Dumbbell fly:

Dumbbell fly is an excellent option for chest work out at home with dumbbells. Just lie down flat on a bench with dumbbells in each hand with both palms facing each other. Try extending your arms above your chest and mimic a butterfly movement. Keep your arms flexible and avoid bending them (never lock your elbows). Make a move at the level of your shoulder joints and not at the arms below. You can do this exercise on inclined and declined bench to maximize its efficiency.

Chest workout at home

Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell press For Chest Workout:

This workout is similar to bench press except using a weight bar, and you will be using dumbbells in each hand. Just lie flat on a bench with dumbbells in each hand. Stretch your arms over your shoulder, the width of shoulders be apart. From this position exhale all the weight down and push it upward in a repetitive sequence. The dumbbell press can be used on an inclined or declined bench in a similar pattern for a massive chest build.

Chest dips For Chest Workout:

When thinking of building chest muscles, one might think that the bench press is more effective. However, if done right, chest dips can give you many more benefits. Chest dips require that you lean forward while doing dips. This movement attacks your chest muscles, giving you a broader and muscular chest. With no back or foot support, chest dips focus rightly on your stabilizing muscles. There are also methods to make chest dips more efficient by adding weights and slowing the reps.