Senna Herb Benefits for Health and Diseases

  Senna is an Arabic word and it is called senna Makki in Persian and in English it is known by the name of  Senna herb and senna leaves. The original production of Senna Leaves is in Saudi Arabia Mecca but now it is also found in other Asian countries like Pakistan and India. You can find it in the market very easily and at a very low price. Its mood is hot and dry and is commonly used to remove toxins from the body, but senna herb has many other benefits.

Senna Herb Benefits for Health and Diseases

Senna Herb Benefits for Health and Diseases

The benefits of senna herb are as follows.

It Helps In Weight Loss:

Senna leaves tea drinking reduces your appetite which leads to your weight loss and especially your belly fat. It also eliminates the worms in the stomach. To lose weight you can make a powder of it and mix it in hot water and you can use it.

Senna Herb Benefits For Diseases:

Senna leaves are very helpful in constipation. In addition, Senna also prevents facial shadows and hair loss It also removes toxins from the brain and is a helpful medicine and is also useful for back pain. It also helps in fever

Continued use of Senna Makki is useful in eliminating kidney stones and bladder stones. Kidney disease is a problem for both doctors and patients these days, and senna herb is a gift of nature.

Body aches Heartaches Frustration tension Useful in both low and high blood pressure Also useful for people who are angrier Also useful in licorice in women.

Recently an East London doctor, Dr. Nazir Ahmed claimed in a video that he treated hundred of Corona Virus Patients with the help of using the Islamic method of senna Makki or senna leaves.

Recipe for the Use of Senna Leaves:

After taking it from the grocery store, clean it thoroughly and remove its straw etc.

Take note of a simple recipe to get rid of all the diseases I have mentioned above

Make a powder of the leaves of Senna Makki and on the other hand make a powder of the leaves of the rose and take both in equal quantity and grind them after taking.

Mix them well and after mixing, add pure honey and then make tablets of them.

You have to make tablets equal to coarse gram seeds

People who have constipation should make a powder of it and use it at night with half a teaspoon of lukewarm water. They will benefit from it.

seena pills

How to USE:

After making, use one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening with water. You can use it orally and use this pill 22 days in a month. That means you have to use it for three weeks and not for a week after that, And then you have to start it again after a week of not taking.

By taking these pills you will always stay young, your facial wrinkles will disappear, your hair will be strong, hair loss will stop and your face will be beautiful.


Now finally I am going to tell you its disadvantages because it is a prescription medicine so pregnant women and children should not use it at all. Also, people with intestinal and diarrhea problems should not use it, However, if you want to use it, it is better that you can use it after consulting your doctor