9 awesome tips to maximize your fitness at home in 2021

  If you ate too much at Christmas logs and in the New Year, you may want to start the New Year in good shape. To maximize your fitness fitnessandhealthtips.online offers 9 tips fitness:
9 awesome  tips to maximize your fitness at home in 2021

1. Do not play sports without restricting caloric intake:

It is a simple tip that many of you know but few put it into practice: to exclusively exercise or follow a diet just will not work. A routine exercise and healthy eating program to suit your lifestyle is the best way to lose fat, build muscle and increase energy levels. Render therefore these two inseparable things.

2. Think pyramid scheme:

If fat loss is your goal, consider your fitness routine as a pyramid. The base of the pyramid is cardio exercise to do at least 30 minutes per day, four to five days a week. Above this base, put some stretching exercises to increase flexibility and reduce stress. At the top of the pyramid, add weights. Be sure to take rest between exercises because otherwise your body may not follow.

3. Do not forget the weight:

Training with weights is essential to burn body fat. If you win 2.5 kg of muscle, your body burns 30-50 calories per day. If you win 13 kilograms of muscle, you burn up to 250 extra calories per day. The cumulative effect is significant, up to about 91,000 calories a year. Most people are afraid to bulk because of exercises with dumbbells, but the “volume” is only the fat above the muscle, so if you lose fat, you will look slim and form with your training, and not bulky. The weight lifted also fight against osteoporosis.

4. Take taste in sport:

you’ve got to love exercise or else you will not follow the schedule. If you do not like cardio, invest in a DVD video dance rhythm, or take classes belly dancing or archery.

5. Do not exercise backwards:

during the time that you spend on your workout, give yourself fully. Exercise can unlock a lot of potential in your life by making them stronger, lighter, healthier and more agile. To even small physical exercise you will do better endurance sport, dance more easily with friends, play with your grandchildren and your daily activities more quickly and easily.

6. You show regular:

Consistency is more important than quantity. If you do physical exercises at least two to three days per week, you will get better results than if you were doing workouts at random (e.g. five days a week and only one day next week).

7. Do not set unrealistic fitness goals:

if you have trouble motivating yourself to write two or three goals you hope to accomplish in the next 30 days, make sure that these goals are realistic. An example of a realistic goal: “I will do physical exercises two days a week, every week for the next 30 days and I’ll do 30 minutes of brisk walking during each training session with a goal of losing two pounds “.At the end of 30 days, you’ll feel a kind of accomplishment because your goals are realistic and measurable short term. This natural progression encourages you to add a third daily exercise and increase your motivation and self-esteem.

8. Find the correct structure of meals:

it should not be too rigid, but we strongly recommend you to structure a meal plan Monday to Friday. You can take some liberties with the end of the week, but if you have a program and if you know in advance the food you eat at each meal and snack, you’ll be less likely to have the munchies at night. This may include meal preparation and planning, and so take time, but we find it extremely effective in losing fat.

9. Controlling the blood sugar:

the key to losing body fat is to control blood sugar and insulin levels. The best way to control blood sugar through your diet is to eat three small meals and two to three small snacks spread every two to three hours. This sends a signal to your body that there are many foods and stored body fat and excess water can be released. Combine protein with carbohydrates at each meal and snack with some good monounsaturated fats. Do not let a flat to over 300 calories.

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